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The author boldly presents a unique and personal collection of life writing in the form of memoirs, reviews, essays, and anecdotes. There is an underlying theme of the challenges faced by the working class. History, humour, and references abound, touching on diverse subjects - poetry, industry, philosophy, music, sport, fish and chips; to name a few.

I found the book very well written; full of keen observations, honesty, appreciation of beauty, and wit. A challenging, mind-opening, memory-stirring, enjoyable read. I think it will be of particular interest to people of the North East on account of all the history and culture mentioned. And the book may be encouraging to aspiring writers as a demonstration of successful self-published writing.

Kudos to the independent author for persevering in his passion for writing.

A great translation that deserves more than self-publication. Although this book is only “complete” in that it gathers solely the work Trakl published within his lifetime (Gedichte, Sebastian im Traum, and those in Der Brenner) it is still a major undertaking and beautiful translation. Jarvie’s introduction to the book is the most comprehensive of any English translation of Trakl (and I have read quite a few). Excellent book.

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